Loaded truck tumbles over on ramp

A service truck has overturned at an open cut coal mine in New South Wales when descending a wet ramp.

The operator lost control of the vehicle but sustained no injury, according to the New South Wales Resources Regulator.

The road was facing wet conditions following dust suppression watering prior to the accident.

The truck held around 20 kilolitres of fluid on board with a capacity of 32-34 kilolitres.

The resources regulator stated that movement of fluid in tanks mounted on mobile plant could significantly influence the centre of gravity and overall stability of the vehicle.

“Consideration should be given to tank shape, baffling and compartmentalisation to control fluid surge,” the regulator stated.

“Mine operators should provide operator training specific to wet roads and ensure drivers are made aware of dust suppression activities on roads.

“Operators of articulated trucks need to remain situationally aware and drive to the conditions.”

The regulator also urged operators to consider plant characteristics of a loaded or unloaded vehicle, including stopping distances, manoeuvrability and operating speeds, when developing control measures to manage the risks associated with articulated services trucks.

Last year a similar accident happened as a Caterpillar 775D service truck overturned on a watered ramp at a surface coal mine in New South Wales.

The truck slid for about 50 metres before gripping on the dry line of the ramp, causing the truck to overturn to the driver’s side.

The operator was not injured.

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