Loadscan improves driver health with payload management

An overloaded haul truck not only jeopardises the safety of a mining system, but can also erode profitability.

A haul truck that routinely carries too much payload will put its frames and structures under severe stress.

As the overloaded truck becomes less stable, more difficult to steer and takes longer to stop, its driver as well as other passengers and road users will be at risk.

Loadscan’s load volume scanning (LVS) system, which provides real-time data including 3D images for every load, can improve safety on a daily basis.

The system users laser scanning technology that is coupled with Loadscan software to measure the exact volume of a truck or trailer bin’s payload.

Its in-cab console allows the driver to enter load details such as truck operator, bogger operator, load source, load type and destination.

The profiles generated can then educate operators on loading, as well as help minimise haul operators’ whole body vibration, the latter of which can result in spinal damage and be present even with a balanced load.

This information should influence driver/loader operator behaviour and lead to improved haulage efficiency. Having an accurate volume measure of payloads also allows operators to load trucks to capacity more consistently.

This will prevent undue stress on the tyres and premature equipment failure due to high dynamic forces caused by a poorly distributed load and manoeuvring through inclines and declines along a mine haul road.

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