LSM telematics to suit OH&S solutions

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LSM provides OH&S Solutions.

LSM Technologies is offering solutions to OH&S compliance monitoring and safety issues for many industries.

When occupational health and safety incidents occur, the industry is often perceived as at fault and must prove that they’ve implemented every effort to prevent any risk.

Proof of compliance is now an essential part of showing accountability at the workplace. The new solutions made available by LSM Technologies in telematics taps into a previously unknown area to ensure companies can reduce the risk of incidents while also proving compliance.

Many in the transport industry may already know about LSM Technologies’ FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics solution, which is a world first and Australian-only innovation.

LSM’s FSM Fleet Safety Manager provides unique telemetry technology that doesn’t just stop at standard fleet tracking data – it also integrates a range of LSM designed Australian OH&S mitigation controls to make it perfect for many industries looking to mitigate risk.

When the FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking telemetry hub is mounted in a vehicle and an online web browser interface is connected, businesses and operators receive fleet dashboards, customisable reports, compliance tools and real-time user-defined alerts to monitor actions and keep operations safe.

What makes the FSM Fleet Safety Manager online browser management solution ideal for various industries is its ability to scale from a single vehicle to thousands in a fleet. When it comes to management, it can be accessed by any internet-connected computer or mobile device, allowing fleet owners or operators to receive immediate alerts at all hours.

Included in the LSM Technologies telematics package is a range of safety mitigation controls that come integrated into the FSM Fleet Safety Manager.

These controls can used by themselves on a single in-cabin display or they can all be connected to the LSM Sentinel VSS Vehicle Safety System centralised logics controller to keep a fleet of vehicles constantly safe.

All of this associated data gets sent to the FSM, making it easier for industry members to track compliance and remain safe in its operations.

From LSM RollStop anti-rollaway and park brake fail safe system safety gear to anti-theft AccessID solutions, LSM provides a wealth of safety solutions to protect all facets of company property.

While LSM continues to apply this technology to different machines and options, new enhancements like geo-fencing, dashboard reporting and scheduled or automatic alerts means the customer gets control of how the solution works in a certain industry.

The benefits that come from this adaptable technology include reduced operating costs, extended component service life, less equipment damage and enhanced workplace safety and operator health.

Increased productivity and the ability to prove compliance is also enticing for companies that want to remain safe while also protecting against any company risks.

Whether it be live alerts or the chance to solidify OH&S requirements and prevent against a lack of compliance, LSM Technologies has an evolving solution that can suit plenty of industries.

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