Machinery, equipment investment is much more important than you realise

At Australian Weighing Equipment (AWE), its directors stand by their equipment; if it’s not suitable or not working, the company will fix it, replace it or you don’t pay at all.

In a constantly changing world where the economy keeps expanding, every initial investment you make in your business will determine its ultimate failure or success.

An upgrade in your production capacity usually requires new production equipment from a manufacturer who should be a reliable and cost-effective choice for your company in the long-run.

The AWE Group recognised this need 40 years ago.

With a 3200 square metres factory space in Sydney, and two other main locations in Australia (Queensland and Victoria), the AWE Group has expanded its reach through an affiliation with a network of committed partners and suppliers from all over the world.

As a leading supplier of robust packaging and bulk handling equipment, the company gives utmost priority on premium quality service while offering competitive rates, thus cementing the company’s reputation on a strong bedrock of trust and confidence from both clients and suppliers.

It might be easy to calculate the cost of the equipment you need to purchase, including labour, calibration services and conclude that it requires a huge sum of money to be spent.

However, if you want to avoid unwanted and unnecessary costs in the future, it naturally takes resources and investments to be made in the present.

Think about how the profit of your business could increase.

This could either be through an increase in revenue or a cut in costs; a reliable and long-lasting equipment such as a Weighbridge helps do both.

By providing quality products and services, your company gets great customer reviews and loyal customers which results in increased revenue.

By reducing production errors and recalls, a reliable equipment also helps cut costs.

The AWE Group offers weighing systems, packaging machinery, bulk material handling and engineering services (specifically calibration services) with a strict quality control system which is why all its equipment are Australian-designed and manufactured.

Their robust designs, which are designed for Australian conditions and a lifetime of heavy duty filling, bagging and packing, are engineered to the highest standards to provide a lifetime of reliable and accurate service for your business.

Years of experience proved how Weighbridges, one of its widely-acclaimed products, has been trusted to work day in and day out in some of the harshest environments.

Of course, there are obvious advantages if the Weighbridge you purchase is designed and manufactured by one company; the performance and reliability of any Weighbridge is directly connected to the quality of load cells, junction boxes and packaging equipment used.

Any supplier which has the capability to provide full service and support to your future investment will give you the peace of mind that your Weighbridge system will continue to operate reliably and accurately for a long period of time.

However, the accuracy of Weighbridges and any other equipment degrades over time.

This could be caused by normal wear and tear or some mechanical factors caused by a risky environment.

This is where calibration comes to the rescue – improving the equipment to ensure smooth functioning of your operations.

It’s also a good decision to get calibration services from the same manufacturer that supplied your weighbridge.

At the AWE Group, any servicing, installation and technical support issues you encounter can be addressed either on site or remotely through their engineers and tradesmen.

The further we push technology, the greater the significance of a high-quality equipment becomes for your adaptability.

The choices you make today will certainly affect the long-term success of your business.

Remember that the hidden costs and risks associated with unreliable machinery could be much higher than the cost of a new one – invest now before it’s too late.

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