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thyssenkrupp delivers fully-automated and digitised stockyard and port solutions.

Global manufacturer thyssenkrupp provides a range of material handling equipment to cater to the vast array of environments and commodities presented by the Australian mining industry.

For processed raw materials to reach their destination in optimum condition and without losses, bulk-handling systems have to be carefully designed and engineered.

With quality support from its service team, thyssenkrupp delivers fully-automated and digitised stockyard and port solutions for safe and efficient bulk handling.

According to thyssenkrupp chief sales officer Uwe Zulehner, in Australia the company’s introduction to the local mining sector began with the first bucketwheel excavator installed in Victoria to mine coal.

Zulehner said this strong history in the sector is just one example of what sets the company apart from its competitors. 

“We deliver end to end turnkey solutions for our clients with a world class product support and customer service, designing in Australia for our Australian clients,” he said. 

“There is no compromise when we discuss face to face with our clients the needs of the Australian Industry, incorporating local standards and work practices. 

“We are on the ground, working side by side with our clients through the whole project lifecycle.”

 Around the world, thyssenkrupp has designed the world’s largest stockyard machines, while its fleet of stackers, reclaimers and shiploaders have been an essential and reliable part of mining infrastructure for years. 

“Our stockyard machines, latest generation, as delivered to BHP’s Southflank Mine, are the highest throughput machines in the world and deliver on the highest levels of functional safety in the industry,” thyssenkrupp national health safety and environment manager Goran Prvulovic said.

 Latest developments include the revolutionary conveyor system, The rail running conveyor (RRC) which is a joint effort with thyssenkrupp and the University of Newcastle. This system focuses on energy reduction in long conveyor systems enabling clients to reduce their energy footprint, while offering reduced capital expenditure and operating expenses.

 “Each thyssenkrupp machine is built on a world class engineering principles including the specific requirements and standards applicable in every country around the world where thyssenkrupp operates,” Prvulovic said. 

“These principles focus primarily on ergonomic and human factors in design, operability and maintenance of equipment, with specific focus on diversity in design to remove any physical aspects of tasks that may preclude some people from performing it, when compared to others.”

Prvulovic said people and their safety is at the core in everything thyssenkrupp does. 

“It is simply part of the culture in which people and their safety always come first, it is what we do,” he said.

Zulehner said the company offers its customers confidence in the highest level of project execution and machine delivery. 

“The responsiveness of the highly skilled after service teams ensure the equipment continues to perform at its highest,” he said.

“These service teams are back by the engineers who developed the machine design and have intimate knowledge of its operation.” 

This feature appeared in the May issue of Safe to Work.

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