MineARC safety chambers named WA business of the year

MineARC systems has nabbed two awards including the 2018 Telstra Western Australian Business of the Year and Medium and Making Waves awards last week.

A global leader in mining safety, MineARC produces refuge chambers that are used at mining operations. The chambers provide trapped mine workers with go-to protection from fires, rock falls and toxic gases until safe escape is possible.

Telstra executive director of marketing Jeremy Nicholas said, “MineARC Systems has invested technology and research and development into local communities, setting the standard for the mining industry worldwide while saving lives.”

Used in more than 40 different countries, the refuge chambers provide trapped miners with breathable air – they keep out dangerous gases and extend the survivability of workers from hours to days. Its CO/CO2 scrubbing system has also saved nine lives during an emergency.

Additionally, the chambers are equipped with a remote monitoring and diagnostic system GuardIAN, which links underground equipment, control centres and portable devices. This allows full visibility of the chamber and contact with individuals inside the chambers.

Telstra Business Awards recognise business excellence across six judging criteria, underpinned by a commitment to innovation and technology.

The company is on its way to being nationally recognised through the Telstra Business Awards.

“The winners of the 2018 Telstra Western Australian Business Awards are shining examples of businesses doing great things in new and effective ways for their customers,” said Nicholas.

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