Minimising hazards and improving employee safety in the workplace

Working with electric cables or dangerous areas presents the potential risk of fires, explosion or electrocution as well as the simple issue of tripping over.

Alemlube has been working closely with the world’s leading manufacturers and industry operators to develop the most portable, compact, versatile and safe way to store electric cables as well as develop safety solutions for hazardous worksites.

Having supplied products and equipment to the industrial, automotive, mining, agricultural, transport and manufacturing industries for over 45 years, Alemlube knows the complexities, necessities and requirements of these sectors and invests time and resources into making the highest quality product offerings.

Alemlube has recently launched two innovative products to improve safety.

The new Safety Barrier Reel stores and retrieves 16 metres of red and white safety band and is designed to provide a temporary visual barrier to identify hazards or dangerous areas in the workplace.

Particularly ideal for where there are public areas on site, this reel has a durable and long -safety band which contains a hook that can easily be attached to any fixing point up to 16 metres from the reel.

Designed specifically for ease of use and durability, the robust outer casing contains an automatic spring rewind mechanism that rewinds the safety band for storage after use. Another feature is that the reel can be mounted or demounted with ease.

Its compact design and usability make Alemlube’s Safety Barrier Reel a must have for all sectors that are serious about safety in the workplace.

In addition to this product, Alemlube is now marketing a 240V Electric Cable Reel storage solution. The reel has been designed to provide a compact, convenient, tidy and safe way to control and store electric cables in the workplace.

The reel contains 25 metres of 3 x 1.5 square mm wire and 9amp cable and plugs. Like the Safety Barrier Reel, the casing contains a spring rewind mechanism that efficiently rewinds the cable for storage after use and can be easily mounted and demounted.

Adding further to safety it is recommended that the user must fully extend the electric cable before switching on the mains power, this will avoid the cable from overheating. There is also a thermal overload protection safety feature that activates at close to 56ºC.

The 240V cable reel complies with Australian standards and is CE approved, it has maximum power ratings of 800W when coiled and 2000W when uncoiled.

Geoff Barlow, creative marketing manager at Alemlube said: “The convenience of both the compact Safety Barrier Reel and the 240V Electric Cable Reel will quickly be realised and our existing customers have found it greatly assists day-to-day employee safety considerations.”

Alemlube can assist with all hose reel equipment needs and is renowned for offering uncompromising warranties and after-sales service and care.

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