Monadelphous sets up flexible FIFO arrangements

Monadelphous plans to provide voluntary fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) rosters for its workforce.

The decision was made to allow for semi-residential roster arrangements and the ability for FIFO workers to return to their home state for breaks.

Hard border closures have taken a toll on Australia’s FIFO workforce over the span of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many workers were forced to temporarily relocate to a different state due to the hard border closures cutting off FIFO travel. But the impact of FIFO travel precedes the pandemic entirely.

In 2018, the Western Australian Mental Health Commission studied the impacts of FIFO travel on the mental health and well-being of workers.

It found that increased anxiety and depression were common systems, with one-in-three workers reporting high to very high levels of psychological distress.

According to Monadelphous, ensuring the health and wellbeing of its workers is a priority.

“We know everyone’s personal circumstances are different, so for our team members working away from their home states, we have worked hard to provide voluntary roster options which provide our people with the flexibility to choose,” the company stated.

“We’re grateful for the sacrifices our employees make every day working away from their loved ones.”

Monadelphous will also introduce an option to allow workers to maintain their standard roster while acknowledging the risks associated with border closures.

In March, Gerlaldton-based filmmaker Ralk Mulks and Chapman Valley Men’s Shed members announced they would be moving their Shinema bus project to the communities of Yalgoo, Mt Magnet and Gascoyne junction this year to raise awareness for mental health among FIFO workers.

The initiative, which took its first trip in late 2019, is part of the Australian Government’s national suicide prevention trial launched in 2016.

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