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Leaders of Australia’s mining, oil and gas, and allied health service sectors are uniting this month to increase efforts to stamp out sexual harassment in its workplaces. 

The Resources and Energy National Industry Forum on Workplace Sexual Harassment, hosted by the industry’s national employer group, Australian Resources and Energy Group (AMMA), will tackle all issues concerning workplace sexual harassment in the resources and energy industry. 

AMMA director of operations Tara Diamond said the forum was driven by employers’ relentless drive to stamp out abhorrent and inappropriate behaviours and cultures within their workplaces. 

“There are countless proactive measures and initiatives in place amongst individual employers to stamp out workplace sexual harassment,” Diamond said. 

“There is no doubting, however, that the industry still has significant challenges in this area. 

“Through the National Industry Forum, AMMA seeks to facilitate sharing of ideas and information from across the many different sub-sectors of our industry, and to investigate how we can further collaborate on future industry campaigns.” 

The forum is exclusive for people professionals, managers and executives from across the industry, who will explore contemporary best practice initiatives, collaborate on where the industry is making progress and where barriers remain, and develop future industry and government interventions. 

“The industry is not resting on our laurels in dealing with this issue. We are looking to send a clear message to women that we want them working in our industry and will provide the safe and respectful working environments they not only deserve but are lawfully entitled to,” Diamond said. 

The forum will take place in three sessions on November 8, 15 and 22. 

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