Nearly 40 per cent of tyres need replacing: survey

Cars in the parking lot in row

A recent national tyre health survey by Kumho Tyres has found that 38 per cent of motorists drive with tyres in such bad conditions that they need replacing, with nine per cent found to be in un-roadworthy.

Several studies have been conducted to gain an insight into the cause and influence tyre conditions have on vehicle accidents, with a report by car insurer Youi  indicating that most accidents (23 per cent) tend to be rear end crashes, with around 11 per cent attributed to loss of control.

The survey assessed hundreds of tyres across passenger cars, utes, 4WD’s and SUV’s in major cities across Australia.

It found that 33 per cent of all vehicles were found with unevenly worn tyres and had wheel alignment issues.

Another 28 per cent of tyres were were in half worn condition, and only 11 per cent were in an ideal state.

The influence of tyre conditions on road handling emphsises the importance of maintaining good tyre pressure, regular checking of tread condition, and timely replacement of worn tyres.

National marketing manager for Kumho Tyres, David Basha, said, “Most people tend to underestimate the importance of the condition of their tyres when it comes to road handling.

“While we have all been taught to check them before going on a long road trip, it’s the day-to-day driving where drivers don’t pay enough attention to their tyres and when most accidents happen.”

The survey aimed to assess the tyre condition Australian motorists drive with and to raise awareness of the risks of poor tyres.

“The rule of thumb is to check your tyre pressure every two to three times you visit the fuel station, have regular safety checks done by a tyre professional, and have your wheel alignment set at least twice a year,” Basha added.