New Epiroc drill rig a game changer for safety


Epiroc's Boltec M10

Epiroc has launched its new Boltec M10 and Boltec E10 drill rigs at MINExpo 2021, two machines set to boost rock reinforcement and safety on mine sites.

Fully mechanised rock bolting rigs for medium and large-sized tunnels, the Boltec M10 and its larger E10 counterpart are designed to increase productivity and bolt installation quality.

With self-drilling anchor bolts (SDA) and pump-able resin, the Boltec M10 and E10 performs single bolt and multi-bolt installations automatically.

Complementing the existing teleremote bolting capability, these new functions offer bolting potential during shift changes and in instances where off-board control during bolting is required.

The Boltec M10 and E10 are built to be flexible. The machines can handle several different types of bolts, mesh and installation methods and have face bolting, radial and extension drilling capabilities to extend the smarts of the drill rig.

The boom bolter design ensures the operator stays at a safe distance from the machine working area during the bolting process.

Peter Bray, global product manager, rock reinforcement equipment with Epiroc’s underground division, believes that as the mining industry evolves then greater safety measures are critical.

“As mining operations move ever deeper underground, the difficulty in bolting and securing increasingly fragmented rock is rising,” he said.

“The Boltec M10 and Boltec E10 introduce previously unavailable autonomous functionality, this is the benchmark in underground rock reinforcement.”

Epiroc’s Boltec M10 and E10 drill rigs come with an optional battery-electric driveline, which can further benefit operator health, maintenance, ventilation and cooling.

Epiroc have also completely redesigned operator station for the new model, setting new standards for operator safety and comfort thanks to significantly reduced noise levels, air filtration and better visibility.

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