Nilos and Wagener-Schwelm showcase belt cutting technology

The 2019 edition of AIMEX brought with it an abundance of innovative mining technology, and at the forefront of interest was the Wagener Rotocut for cutting conveyor belts.

The product was showcased at the Nilos and Wagener-Schwelm booth and has attracted attention from the industry’s top mining players.

Most appealing to visitors at the show was the Rotocut’s ability to provide a safe solution to what is usually, a hazardous practice.

Conveyor belts cutting is often carried out by angle grinders or cut off saws, which cause flying sparks and rubber debris, posing a risk to operators’ eyes.

The Rotocut solution, however, completely avoids the creation of sparks and rubber debris while also not requiring a hot work permit, which its counterparts do.

Its serrated and pinion blades move slowly and within the main body of the unit, avoiding potential severe lacerations often associated with angle grinders due to their open spinning blade.

These aspects coincide with the Rotocut exerting minimal noise and no toxic smoke, protecting operators from respiratory problems and damage to their hearing.

Given the device is portable, it provides flexibility for easy and rapid deployment in the field, while cutting tools can also be easily replaced.

Wagener Schwelm is a German-made company and is an expert in design, development and manufacturing of portable and stationary vulcanising presses.

These are used for the splicing and repairing of conveyor belts as well as for cables and handrails.

The Wagener Schwelm and Nilos brands form part of the same company group in Germany.

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