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NSW commits $5 million to silicosis research

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The NSW Government has committed $5 million to critical silicosis research and a patient support program.

Building on the world-first manufactured stone ban, the NSW Government will support research which centres firmly on silica dust-related disease diagnosis, treatment and care.

The grant funding, administered collaboratively by icare and the Dust Diseases Board, will provide a total of $5 million over three years to the Asbestos and Dust Diseases Research Institute (ADDRI).

This funding enables research into prevention, diagnosis, therapeutic procedures, and treatment of silica dust-related diseases with the aim of improving outcomes for people diagnosed with silicosis.

“Through the Dust Diseases Board we are working closely with ADDRI to develop better care for workers currently living with silicosis, and improving treatment outcomes for the future,” icare group executive for lifetime care Dr Nick Allsop said.

“Silicosis is a progressive disease, which means it may develop even if there is no further exposure to silica dust.

“Research is our best chance to uncover ways to prevent silicosis and stop its progression.

“For people already affected by silicosis, this funding aims to establish effective support programs targeting quality of life and wellbeing.”

ADDRI is currently working towards:

  •  Accelerating and expanding laboratory-based research into silicosis (early diagnosis and treatments)
  • reducing barriers to diagnosis by establishing a NSW specialist dust disease multi-disciplinary team
  • improving general practitioner education about dust diseases to reduce misdiagnosis
  • expanding collection of tissue samples through ADDRI’s Biobank.

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