NSW mines regulator gets set for compliance rampage

The NSW Resources Regulator will conduct a state-wide compliance blitz this week, targeting more than 100 mine sites.

Around 85 safety and compliance inspectors will carry out unannounced, high visibility inspections at coal, metalliferous and quarrying operations throughout the state.

The inspections will focus on general compliance with mining regulations and site safety management systems, the standard supervision and the behaviours of supervisors in dealing with non-compliances and mine sites rehabilitation.

In the case of non-compliance, a mine or operator, contractors or particular workers may be subject to a penalty, compelled to a civil proceeding or have his or her licence suspended.

“Annual compliance blitzes are an integral part of the Resources Regulator’s strategy to ensure compliance with work, health and safety laws and the Mining Act by miners operating in NSW,” chief compliance officer Anthony Keon said.

“We want the community to be confident NSW has a safe and responsible mining industry and compliance operations such as this show how we’re achieving this.

“They also serve as a strong reminder that operators must remain vigilant and should constantly review their operations to ensure their obligations to workers and the community are met.”

Mine operators are urged to review their operations to ensure they are compliant with all work health and safety and Mining Act legislative requirements.

The Regulator will release the results of the compliance operation in early July.

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