NSW Regulator rolls out collision awareness campaign

The NSW Resources Regulator has introduced an awareness campaign for mine workers to be aware of the risks associated with heavy mining equipment collisions.

To improve safety practices, it plans to visit all open cut coal mining operations and some metalliferous operations in New South Wales between May 3 and May 14.

According to NSW Resources Regulator chief inspector Garvin Burns, mine operators are introducing new technology, equipment upgrades and procedural improvements to training.

“Near miss incidents involving vehicles have the potential to seriously injure or kill, due to the sheer size of the equipment typically involved,” Burns said.

“With the cooperation of mine operators, teams of inspectors will be visiting 80 sites in eight days and addressing all shifts.

“We focus heavily on ensuring mine operators provide a safe work environment and will always do so, however this activity is focussed on reminding mine workers of the risk and that they also have an obligation to look after the safety of themselves and their workmates.”

In March, the regulator flagged concerns with the communications between heavy vehicle operators following a collision incident.

The incident involved a grade and haul track colliding at an open cut mine.

The regulator found that the collision occurred when the grader operator performed a u-turn while the haul truck was overtaking.

It determined that the haul truck operator was following correct protocol, but encouraged the industry to develop, review and update its mobile plant procedures to include proximity detection and communication.

This had previously been emphasised on communications in 2018 following four separate mobile plant collisions.

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