Pacific Ears ushers in a sound new year

A great new year’s resolution to add to one’s list would be to protect their hearing in 2021 with the best protection possible: custom made hearing plugs from Pacific Ears.

The ACS Pro31 earplugs from Pacific Ears, for example, are perfect when working in loud environments like the mining industry.

Pro31 earplugs are the only Class 5 custom made hearing protector made locally in Australia.

The Pro31’s have some of the very best filters that ensure that hearing is protected while still allowing users to hear naturally, including warning signs and regular conversation.

The ACS Pro31’s have a small and discreet canal mould which doesn’t interfere with hard hats, safety glasses or other personal protective equipment (PPE).

They are made from medical-grade silicone, which is available in several striking colours, to withstand the elements and last for years.

Pacific Ears is also extending a special new year’s offer, i.e. a 15 per cent discount when entering the code, newyear21.

For more information visit Pacific Ears website:

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