Pegasus and Avetta unite

Pegasus and Avetta

Pegasus Head of Mining John Furner.

Pegasus and Avetta have joined forces, combining their wealth of expertise into one industry-leading platform that is revolutionising on-site safety. 

Pegasus and Avetta have announced the addition of the Avetta One platform to their offering – a single-source solution for managing operational, reputational, and regulatory compliance risks on-site.

Pegasus was acquired by Avetta last year, creating the world’s largest provider of workforce and supply chain risk management solutions. The integration of the two product offerings into Avetta One now provides a global platform that manages critical risks across the entire supply chain.

The Avetta One platform manages safety, liability, sustainability, workforce, cybersecurity and financial risks for corporations, suppliers, contractors, and their workers.

Avetta Senior vice president for APAC and Workforce and former Pegasus chief executive officer Adam Boyle said Avetta One is the industry’s most comprehensive supply chain risk management platform.

“Pegasus was a significant acquisition for Avetta. We started out as mostly a safety-based company. Pegasus was managing a lot of safety pre-qualification for suppliers, and through that started to develop other products in that particular suite,” Boyle said.

“Now, we’ve added a few more strings to the bow. With the acquisition, we’ve created a platform that enables both our clients and suppliers to benefits from workforce and supply chain risk management products.”

Avetta One has a multi-pronged approach starting with supplier pre- qualification to evaluate how companies are compliant in the health and safety space, how they are compliant to ESG and whether they present any financial risk or liability.

Then it has Workforce Management, which enables Avetta to check the competencies of workers and contractors prior to them accessing worksites.

“There’s a series of information that we can gather from each worker to guarantee that they’re competent to do the job they’re supposed to be doing,” Pegasus Head of Mining John Furner said. “And linking to that, the Pegasus Learning Management System (LMS) allows clients to deliver inductions, online training, and classroom-based training.”

Pegasus and Avetta
Avetta Senior vice president for APAC and Workforce and former Pegasus chief executive officer Adam Boyle.

Avetta president and chief executive officer Arshad Matin said business is shifting from a digital transformation to a societal one, as markets demand corporate accountability regarding safety, security, sustainability and ESG, ethics, and social initiatives.

“Avetta One provides organisations analytical insights into how they measure up to their risks and goals across the entire supply chain,” Matin said.

For clients, Avetta One provides a unified platform that manages risk across safety, liability, workforce qualifications, sustainability and ESG, diversity, financial health, and cybersecurity programs.

For suppliers, it reduces time and cost by demonstrating its superior business qualifications across many clients from a single system.

For workers, it offers a central workforce portal to digitally store their required job roles, training competencies and certifications.

And for partners, it creates an open marketplace and community to provide services on the world’s largest supply chain risk management platform.

The platform uses almost two decades of data from millions of collected data points to provide real- time views on risks and delivers alerts on deviations from baseline measures.

“The crux of it is we do analysis of the data, but we also do verification of the data, which is the difference between us and a lot of our competitors,” Furner said.

“We physically verify the documents that go into the system. When a supplier uploads their documents our verification team actually goes through those documents to make sure they’re valid.”

“We also offer analytics software which includes customisable, interactive dashboards to gain insights that help build supply chain confidence.”

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