Bollé Safety prescription safety glasses

Safety glasses present a challenge for anyone requiring prescription correction.

It is important to understand that ordinary eyewear such as fashion frames and sunglasses do not provide adequate protection against injury and work-related hazards.

The best way to keep eyes protected is to wear vision correction and choose prescription safety eyewear.

BAXTER RX is a sealed model that offers total comfort thanks to it being a wrap-around frame.

With its waterproof foam and ingenious system for attaching the strap, BAXTER RX offers effective protection from sprays of solids, liquids and from dust.

Available with Trivex and Polycarbonate prescription lenses, this model comes fully assembled with gasket and strap and is certified to Medium impact standards.

BAXTER RX is ideal for humid and dusty environments and is also available in plano if vision correction is not required.

Bollé Safety prescription safety glasses are available through its Excellence program.

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