Crown Equipment introduces comfy FlexSeat for forklifts

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CROWN Equipment says forklift drivers can now take advantage of modern office technology and comfort in the FlexSeat of its lift trucks.

The seats were introduced on the Crown C-5 internal combustion forklift, but now are standard on the SC 4500 and the FC 4500 too. They are said to be more comfortable due to an exclusive suspension, responsive back flex and wider seat cushion.

According to the company, its engineers studied a range of lift truck seats to identify drivability challenges. They conducted numerous ergonomic tests to identify pressure points and areas of discomfort for operators.

The seats have inherent suspension, a back flex which channels jolts and vibrations away from the operator, and are said to be 10 to 17% wider than competitor’s seats. Replaceable components allow just worn out parts to be replaced.