Duram Kimax Mask

Mining plays host to a number of possible respiratory hazards including cyanide, ammonia, chlorine, chemical fumes, gas leaks, fire and coal dust particles.

Polymeric chemicals, such as those used during the tailings process, are of particular concern.

The new Kimax Escape Hood is designed to quickly afford the wearer a high degree of respiratory protection. It is compact enough to fit in a pocket and can be unsheathed and worn in seconds.

Its filtering system meets Class III PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements and the mask provides immediate respiratory protection in incidents involving high concentrations of chemical agents, allowing users to evacuate quickly and individually if required.

Kimax is certified to protect against organic gases with boiling points above 65 degrees Celsius, as well as ammonia, acidic and sulphuric gases. The mask also comes with a carry pouch for storage.