Ecotek combines biodegradability with performance

Australia’s leading supplier of hand and eye protection, Safety Mate, brings unprecedented innovation to the disposable work glove with Ecotek proprietary.

Ecotek is an innovative nitrile treatment that accelerates break-down in landfills without performance loss. Once disposed, Ecotek treated gloves are proven to biodegrade into natural elements in 2.5 years as certified by independent laboratories and institutes for biodegradability, ecotoxicity, safety, quality and performance in accordance with ASTM D5526. This is the standard biodegradability test for determining biodegradation of plastic materials in landfill conditions.

From an environmental perspective, Ecotek changes the future of disposable gloves. With more disposable gloves sold in the world than every other type of glove combined, biodegradability in a relatively short time frame is critical in the ongoing preservation and conservation of the environment for a better tomorrow.

Ecotek is now a standard feature on all of Safety Mate’s disposable glove range.


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