Erizon ticks all erosion control boxes with EcoArmour


Australia’s harsh climate means that erosion control can be hard to manage.

That’s where EcoArmour comes in; a hydraulically applied synthetic erosion control blanket that binds to the substrate in a matter of hours.

Able to withstand the country’s dry, arid conditions and any torrential rain or wind events, EcoArmour is the perfect choice for a stress-free erosion control blanket.

Featuring a 20+ year lifetime, EcoArmour is perfect for several different industries.

Recognising that different areas can be difficult to manage and access, EcoArmour can be applied to slopes, barriers, levees and culverts with minimal fuss.

Colouring agents can be specified to complement the surrounding environment and will dry within 3–5 hours of application.

Comparing EcoArmour to conventional erosion control blankets found that EcoArmour is more effective, safer to apply and more cost-effective.

Not to mention, EcoArmour is environmentally friendly, providing a win for the consumer and the climate.

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