Guaranteeing successful revegetation projects on degraded land

revegetation project

Successful revegetation starts with a thorough understanding of the existing ecosystem of the area. This guide produced by Erizon, looks at the tried and tested methodology used to ensure the best possible outcomes for revegetating on degraded land.

Rehabilitation through revegetating with healthy, suitable vegetation that supports existing ecosystems is the most efficient and effective way to meet these environmental remediation requirements. Inadequate implementation of revegetation can cost significant time and money. A tailored, well-timed approach is the key to a successful, long-term revegetation project.

When it comes to revegetation, some companies will plant seeds, add fertiliser and hope for the best – what’s known as the ‘spray and pray’ methodology.

Ignoring pre-site testing, adequate site preparation, sourcing optimal plant species, utilising the right techniques, and timing the project correctly could result in a costly and time-consuming exercise in the long run.

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