MaxiFlex Ultimate: Precision handling in dry environments

A worker’s hands are their most valuable asset. That is why they have to be protected to the greatest extent.

The general thought process is workers will wear gloves during activity, therefore reducing workplace injury.

The truth is, most injuries happen at work when gloves are taken off, normally due to being too hot to wear, uncomfortable or too restrictive.

ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves incorporate AD-APT to counter the key challenge of hot hands.

This technology is activated by the movement of your hands and increased temperature within the gloves, releasing a natural cooling agent that keeps your hands dry and 31 per cent cooler than standard gloves.

Choosing MaxiFlex gloves can assist with reduced worker hand fatigue as well as reducing injury frequency rate (IFR), as workers are less likely to remove glove protection due to hands being too hot or limited dexterity.

MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves have outstanding durability, exceeding the highest score required for abrasion resistance in the EN388 standard.

MaxiFlex gloves provide the solution to improve production efficiencies through increased flexibility and precision handling.


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