Nivek Industries Tracked Elevating Device

Tracked Elevating Device, commonly known as TED, is the only all-terrain, hydraulic belly plate jack on the market.

With wireless remote controlled, battery powered operation, an 800 kilogram lifting capacity and a range of smart attachments, TED is a safety must for all heavy machinery maintenance workshops, and field servicing and repairs.

With 15 attachments currently available, TED can take the weight out of stand positioning, y-link removal and replacement, cutting edge maintenance, steer cylinders, sound suppression, sumps, tie rods, and a myriad of other heavy awkward maintenance work.

TED’s skid steer tracks and dozer blade enable access to most terrains, with special tracks available for sandy, soft, and even icy conditions.

Don’t risk serious injuries and fatalities from suspended load crush accidents, and strain injuries from manual handling. Send fitters home safely with the help of a TED.

List of attachments: stand locating tool, steer cylinder cradle, track roller carrier, cutting edge tool, double sided cutting edge tool, Cat24MGET tool, slope jig, fork tynes, tyre handler, pivot table, sump tray, extension blocks, counter balance, and belly plate stands.

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