SHOWA: Putting safety and the environment in focus

SHOWA Group is reducing its impact on the environment with Eco Best Technology (EBT) biodegradable gloves. 

Launched in 2012, the single-use nitrile gloves are an industry first, offering an extensive selection of biodegradable hand protection.  

The strategy to reduce the impact that gloves have on the environment remains the company’s primary focus, as it expands EBT into every colour and millimetre thickness within the product offering, including reusable gloves.  

Currently there are seven different biodegradable EBT gloves available, each covering a range of applications. 

The gloves offer durable protection against chemicals, viruses and mechanical risks.  

The biodegradable nitrile gloves decompose 20-times faster than traditional nitrile gloves, taking one to five years in active landfills, whereas for non-EBT products this takes more than 100 years.  

SHOWA is a fully integrated manufacturer of both medical and industrial personal protective equipment (PPE) hand protection.  

As a response to the overwhelming amount of plastic waste and the growing climate crisis, SHOWA is investing heavily in research and development for products with a reduced impact on the environment. 


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