Slide Sledge multi-head hammer tips

Slide Sledge’s unique tips are specifically designed for your unique applications. Our specialty tips ensure you effectively navigate areas traditional hammers and chisels have difficulty reaching, often resulting in damage to equipment and personnel.

Pin drivers in six sizes to allow removal and installation of pins on virtually any equipment.

A curved chisel tip made from specially engineered shock-resistant steel to cut through most stripped out, rusted bolts in seconds.

Ripper tooth pin inserters and removers to get between ripper teeth and insert or remove pins with a linear impact. Ripper tooth pin inserters and removers are available in a variety of sizes.

Bushing driver adapters to line up and drive the bushing, rather than to swing a hammer at a conventional bushing driver.

Ball joint and tie rod separator tips, available in four sizes, to apply maximum force with ease. The separator forks smoothly thread onto the adapter for fast, easy change outs.

A scarifier tooth tip to remove scarifier teeth easily with a specialised tip design that allows direct, linear force.

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