The future of hearing protection: ACS PRO27

ACS Pro27 ear plugs are certified class 5 AS/NZS1270.

Professional ear plugs for industry – for under $300 over four years.

Certified Class 5 AS/NZS1270: For exceptional sound reduction in dangerously loud high frequency environments.

A revolution in custom hearing protection

The most versatile and natural sounding hearing protector in the world, a breakthrough in high-noise filtering. The ACS PRO27 has an almost flat sound reduction 23 decibels (dB) through the low and mid-range frequencies so allow for situational awareness and the ability to communicate. A stark jump in protection in the higher frequencies where it is needed. Up to 35dB increasing your safe exposure time up to nine times.

Quality assurance and certification

Each earpiece is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring you get a comfortable, discreet and effective hearing protector that can be fitted quickly, easily and securely.

All earplugs are certified AS/NZS1270:2002 and/or European Standard BS EN352-2.
Pacific Ears is the sole manufacturer of professional earplugs (custom) in Australasia with certification Class 5.

For WhoSpecifications

Power Stations



Firework Displays

Port and Harbour workers

Trade Workers

Power Equipment users



Class 5 Certified

Discreet Custom Canal Mould

Soft Medical Grade Silicone

No Interference with helmets or glasses

Durable: 4/5 year lifespan

Optional: different colours

Optional: metal detection

Made in Australia

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