QMI takes control of Grosvenor accident scene

The Queensland Mines Inspectorate (QMI) is progressing an investigation into a gas ignition event that shut down Anglo American’s Grosvenor coal mine earlier this month.

The scene of accident was under QMI control to enable ongoing analysis and assessment of equipment, materials, geology and gas and ventilation.

QMI interviewed the Grosvenor coal mine workers as part of the investigation.

“Simtars [The Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station] has completed a laser scan which involved surveying and mapping the underground incident scene,” a spokesperson for QMI added.

“The information gathered to date by the forensic investigator, 3D scan and interviews will be analysed as part of the ongoing investigation into the nature and cause of the incident.”

Anglo American had stated it would cooperate fully in all investigations into the Grosvenor accident.

“We want answers as to why an ignition of methane occurred at Grosvenor mine and we understand that everyone else does too,” Anglo American’s metallurgical coal business chief executive Tyler Mitchelson said.

The company re-entered the Grosvenor mine after submitting a risk assessment for a safe underground re-entry to QMI.

It also commenced its own technical review into the accident with industry experts.

Five coal mine workers were injured in the event, which occurred on May 6. The victims were flown to Brisbane to be treated at Royal Brisbane hospital’s burns unit.

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