Qualified medical professionals provide on-site confidential consultations

Skin Patrol was founded in 2004 for two purposes: firstly, to increase both the awareness and the early detection of skin cancer, thereby minimising skin cancer related morbidity, and secondly, to enable businesses to generate positive employee goodwill with their staff by providing a necessary healthcare service.

The medical practice is the first mobile tele-dermatology practice in Australia. It is the only practice that utilises the expertise of a medical practitioner and tele-dermatology, with a dermatologist reviewing all lesion images and providing specialist dermatological opinion.

Services expanded to include not only skin cancer detection, but a range of other health incentives.

Consultation times are used in an “opportunistic” way to educate patients in taking ownership of their health. This includes teaching the importance of building a relationship with a primary healthcare provider, encouraging preventative healthcare and early detection of chronic disease.


  • Skin cancer on-site clinics
  • Skin cancer voucher program – skin cancer detection vouchers redeemable in over 120 accredited clinics nationally
  • Skin cancer early detection tool – and education tool designed to effectively teach individuals to better understand what skin cancer looks like, the ABCDE of melanoma detection and how to self-check in between professional skin cancer checks
  • Health onsite clinics – cardiac risk, hypertension, diabetes and lung function
  • Influenza vaccination program – April–June
  • Education programs – skin cancer, preventative healthcare, men’s health, women’s health, hydration and sleep

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