Queensland commemorates 1500 fallen workers

Queensland’s resources community commemorated the loss of 1500 workers who have died in mining operations on Miners’ Memorial Day in northern Queensland.

Ian Macfarlane, Queensland Resources Council (QRC) chief executive, said, “In the intervening decades, our industry has been steadily enhanced by technology improvements that eliminate the gravest of safety risks.

“By making sure safety remains the most important objective not only in every crib room, but also in every board room, we will ensure our extended mining family stays safe every day.”

The date marks the anniversary of the loss of 75 miners at Mount Mulligan coal mine in 1921, nearly 100 years ago.

“Just like another of the great primary industries – agriculture – the fundamental nature of our sector means we must be vigilant about safety risks and constantly work to continue our focus on safety,” Macfarlane said.

“Mining is part of our history, but it will also be an essential part of our future.”

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