Queensland Rail Improves Safety With Driver Fatigue Monitoring


Queensland Rail (QR) have identified Driver Sleepiness (Fatigue) as a major safety risk to their remote field service workers, who are generally on shift work and often need to drive hours to and from sites in North West Queensland.

In light of this, QR initiated a trial of 10 x LSM Technologies Driver Fatigue (+Distraction) Monitoring Systems in 2015 and after nearly three years, this technology has shown to significantly reduce fatigue and distraction events.  As a safety initiative, QR have installed the DFM Systems into several light field service vehicles across regional Queensland, and are planning a fleet wide implementation.

So far, QR have reported very positive results and reliability, and the LSM Technologies DFM which has helped to identify and reduce driver distraction behaviour, (using a mobile phone while driving) and has already prevented fatigue related incidence. QR spokesman advised “Because the DFM system detects both distraction and fatigue behaviours, we have now become much more aware of the state and behaviour of our drivers during shifts”.

“This technology will form a vital part of QR’s overall fatigue management practises and procedures for field maintenance operations. The system is a cost effective solution to help protect drivers from fatigue related incidents occurring while providing of additional reporting capabilities for management,” said QR’s health and safety representative.

The LSM Technologies DFM Camera is a non -contact system that can be utilised with Safety / Prescription or Polarised Sunglasses.

For more information on how LSM Technologies can assist you with the latest in Driver Fatigue (Distraction) System Technology, download the whitepaper here.


It’s no secret that Driver Sleepiness (Fatigue) is one of the biggest killers on our roads, 20-30 per cent of road crashes and as much as speeding and drink driving according to the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) – 08/2015. However, Driver Sleepiness is particularly dangerous because it can happen to anyone, no matter how experienced a Driver they might be and a micro- sleep can occur and the Driver not even be aware of it – Micro- sleeps (brief sleep episodes that can be as brief as a few seconds).

Yawning?… A Micro- sleep can kill!

LSM Driver Fatigue (+Distraction) Monitoring Systems (DFM) is a Non-intrusive Dash mounted Infrared illuminated Monitor Camera unit, which combines the unique pupil identification and facial recognition technology to detect and analyse the changing characteristics of pupils and signs of drowsiness such as yawning.  When the DFM identifies, a driver has become inattentive, either due to drowsiness or distraction, it will provide In-Cab audible / visual warnings and subsequent alarms to the Driver.

Reduce Fatigue and Distraction Events

When fatigue or distraction has been indicated by the DFM, the system provides In-cab Audible / Visual Warning to the Drivers. There are options for live alerts notifications (Email and / or SMS) with a ‘Snap Shot’ photo from the DFM back to “Operations”, and live on the LSM Technologies (SAFETRACS) On- line Monitoring interface. There is also a live video feed output which can be used to record and review potential events via a Mobile DVR unit.

LSM Technologies DFM (Fatigue + Distraction) Monitoring Systems

Contains an Intelligent Video Analytics Technology, high-speed Pentium II Processors, configurable operating speed (Kph), sensitivity and volume settings with RS-232 and digital output, plus video output for recording options and telematics integration.

Some additional features are

  • In-time Driver Fatigue detection audible and visual alarms.
  • Non-invasive sensors continuously analyse the driver for signs of fatigue and distraction behaviour.
  • Patented pupil identification technology.
  • Uses a Pentium II high-speed digital signal processor
  • HD CMOS camera analytics
  • Face recognition monitoring to detects yawning behaviour.
  • Driver Distraction or non-attention alarm.
  • Adjustable speed threshold levels for alarm activation.
  • Over-speed audible warning.
  • Adjustable Alarm sensitivity and volume setting.
  • Connection and integration with Fleet Management System (FMS) via a RS232 communication protocol (Requires RS232 input).
  • Captures infrared images
  • Instantly outputs Driver Fatigue or Distraction event images to FMS.
  • Full FMS integrated solution or Standalone versions available
  • Speed detection via integrated FMS GPS device or built-in GPS module in the DFM Standalone version.
  • Power connection (12/24 V) and digital signal outputs and suspend signal input (connection harness provided).
  • HD Video output for connection to MDVR device for event video capture and recording.
  • Customisable solutions to suit almost any application for operation/ driver monitoring.
  • For more information on how LSM Technologies can assist you with the latest in Driver Fatigue (Distraction) System Technology, download the whitepaper here.