Queensland strengthens explosives laws

The Queensland mining and quarrying industries are set to experience tighter laws surrounding explosives starting this month.

Queensland is the largest user of explosives in Australia due to the size of its mining and quarrying sector.

The new laws include a requirement for all licence and authorisation holders to hold a new security clearance and enhance criminal history checks for in-effect domestic violence orders.

Queensland chief inspector of explosives Alex Mandl said safety was paramount and rules must be strengthened to ensure explosives didn’t end up in the wrong hands.

“Around 1.5 million tonnes of explosives are used in Queensland every year, with mining and quarrying the biggest users,” Mandl said.

“There have been situations where explosives stolen from mining and quarry sites have been used in domestic disputes and gang violence.

“The inspectorate’s number one priority is to keep the community safe from the adverse effects of explosives and these changes will help us do that.”

The Queensland Explosives Inspectorate is the licenser and regulator for all things related to explosives.

The Inspectorate is implementing these changes following amendments to Queensland’s explosives legislation.

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