Regulator recommends regular training to avoid risks


The New South Wales Resources Regulator has recommended that workers frequently assess risks onsite, especially when deviating from normal procedures, following an incident with a dump truck at an open cut coal mine.

The incident occurred when a dump truck operator was instructed by a dozer operator to tip at an alternate dump to usual.

The truck left the dump with a full load and began travelling down a ramp and gained speed up to 60km/h before the operator applied the service brake.

The truck travelled through an intersection unable to stop, making contact with the centre island before coming to a stop on the left-hand side of the haul road.

The NSW Resources Regulator urges that workers must maintain control of their vehicles and put appropriate controls in place if there are added risks.

The Regulator also suggests that workers be regularly trained on the operating parameters of their vehicles, such as the speed range that haul trucks can slow down and stop.

Another incident occurred at a coal processing plant, which involved a forklift that stopped to give way to another vehicle, and as the forklift moved off it hit the give way sign and overturned.

The operator was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the incident and was uninjured.

The Regulator recommends that equipment operators maintain awareness of the environment around them and, before commencing travel should check their surroundings for hazards, but also reiterates the importance of seatbelts which saved the operator from injury.

Another incident that occurred also involved a dump truck, which saw an excavator half-load a dump truck that needed to reposition.

Operating procedures required the truck to exit the loading area, complete a loop and park at the new loading point.

However, the truck operator drove out and immediately reversed into the new load point.

As the truck drove out, a grader entered the load area to clean up, and when the truck reversed, the position-six tyre hit the grader frame.

The Regulator urges that mine operators investigate, review and revise control measures to prevent reoccurrences from happening.

In addition to this, workers have a legal obligation to follow procedures such as positive communications.

The NSW Resources Regulator reports a summary of incidents weekly.

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