Report urges industry to take lead in digital mining

A new report from I4 Mining has outlined a suitable pathway to zero-harm, zero-carbon and zero-waste for the mining industry using health and safety metrics as well as automated machinery.

The report, titled ‘How Industry 4.0 Technology will Transform Plant, Machinery & Equipment‘, looks at the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to fundamentally transform the way miners operate and highlighting the importance of digital mining technologies.

These concepts are predicted to be used in a range of ways such as predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, health and safety metrics, decarbonisation modelling, remote operations oversight, and of course highly automated machinery.

I4 Mining’s lead and Rayven chief security officer Phillip McBride said the report put the onus back on mining companies to take the lead in digital mining.

“It won’t be enough for the mining sector to leave it to OEMs and hardware manufacturers to innovate in order for them to achieve their zero harm, zero carbon and zero waste goals – the ascent to 2050 dictates that mining companies need to take affirmative, extensive action now,” McBride said.

“Whilst challenging, there are huge advantages to be seen on the other side, with predictive analyses that can do much more than achieve the zero goals but deliver all-new ways of working and find efficiencies that increase profitability.

“With this report, we wanted to explore the use cases for AI and IoT technology with plant, equipment and machinery and provide comprehensive guidance to miners on just what Industry 4.0 technology can and can’t do for them and their assets – as well as dispel a few myths; we think we’ve achieved it.”

Click here to read the report.

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