Rio Tinto employees to benefit from SME partnership

Rio Tinto has committed to providing development opportunities for its employees by signing a multi-year partnership with the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME).

The partnership will benefit Rio Tinto employees as they enjoy benefits of SME’s services, including access to technical content and trainings and networking opportunities.

A-hundred-and-fifty Rio Tinto employees will receive SME memberships, granting them access to webinars and a digital library that hosts papers and presentations on safety and geotechnical models.

They will also be engaged in volunteer and mentor opportunities with SME programs, divisions and student members.

Rio Tinto group executive, growth and innovation Stephen McIntosh said attracting and developing the best people was essential to support Rio Tinto’s goal of achieving excellent safety and operational performance, both now and in the future.

“Partnering with SME provides our team with a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow and make a difference in our dynamic industry,” he said.

Rio Tinto also plans to promote best practices in health and safety across SME’s network.

The Colorado-based organisation has 14,000 members worldwide, comprising engineers, geologists, metallurgists and researchers. It provides technical information about the mining and related industries internationally.

“SME offers indispensable science and technology from, and for, the people and businesses that discover, develop and deliver the world’s mineral resources,” SME director David L. Kanagy said.

“This partnership gives Rio Tinto employees access to benefits that will help grow their technical skills and expand their professional networks to stay current with the latest industry trends.”

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