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RokLUME 280N SMART: Your intelligent work lamp

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HELLA’s RokLUME 280N SMART lamp for enhanced safety and efficiency at your mine site.

Visibility becomes paramount in heavy-duty industries like mining, construction, and forestry. This not just ensures the safety of operators but also increases productivity and operational efficiency. Understanding and recognising this critical need, HELLA, a pioneer in high performance lighting and vehicle electronics, has introduced the RokLUME 280N SMART, an intelligent work lamp designed to revolutionise worksite illumination.

With the ability to adapt to various environmental conditions, the RokLUME 280N Smart can offer operators the flexibility to change light colour, temperature, and intensity to ensure optimal visibility in diverse settings. Whether it is the dusty plains or the dense fog or a mining site, this smart lamp adjusts its output to provide the best possible illumination.

One of the most innovative features of the RokLUME 280N SMART is its customisable light setting. Operators can switch between green or amber light colours that improves visibility. The lamp’s dimming function also allows for brightness adjustment, catering to the varying levels of natural light throughout the day enabling fatigue-free work and increasing visibility. This feature helps conserve energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and aligns with global sustainability goals.

Available in six different illumination variants, the RokLUME 280N SMART becomes an ideal solution for heavy duty applications like at a mine site. What is more is that this product is engineered in a way that it can be easily integrated into existing vehicle systems. Powerline communication allows the control unit to communicate with the work lamp via the existing harness without interference or need for altering vehicle architecture.

At the core, HELLA’s vision has always been innovation and safety. The RokLUME 280N SMART includes lifetime warning providing alerts before the end of lamp’s service life preventing unplanned downtime. The anti-theft protection and memory function to save illumination settings are additional features that contribute to the overall safety and convenience of the system.

Even with all these functions, the RokLUME 280N SMART can be operated easily and quickly by controlling it via the human machine interface in the vehicle or the control panel. This ease of use ensures that operators can quickly adjust settings to suit their immediate needs and varying conditions with minimal disruption to their existing workflow.

The RokLume 280N SMART is more than just a work lamp. It is a beacon of innovation in industries like mining and increases safety, productivity and contributes to environmental sustainability. As industries worldwide continue to seek solutions that offer both performance and sustainability, the RokLUME 280N SMART stands as a shining example of what future worksite illumination looks like.

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