Safe to touch: ViroCLEAR provides peace of mind


Aussie Pharma Direct is helping businesses stay open by protecting staff and equipment with comprehensive Australian-made preventive solutions, such as ViroCLEAR.

Products designed to disinfect workplaces are high on the ‘must have’ list for businesses who want to keep their workers safe.

The need for workplace sterilisation has come into sharp relief over the last two years, with a genuine need to protect employees and their equipment from the chemicals used to kill infectious threats.

ViroCLEAR, produced by BioInnovate and distributed by Aussie Pharma Direct, gives businesses an alternative non-harmful, sustainable tool to combat infections and other viral and bacterial threats in the workplace.

The hospital-grade surface disinfectant is proven to kill COVID-19, SARS and Rhinovirus within 90 seconds, Candida Albicans within 60 seconds, and a range of other infectious viruses and bacteria.

Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), the disinfectant is devoid of alcohol and ethanol, works on all common transmission points without being corrosive to materials or machinery and thereby extends the lifespan of equipment.

Wellbeing Brands chief operating officer John Macfie, who acts as the supplier of ViroCLEAR from BioInnovate to Aussie Pharma Direct, said that the surface disinfectant was ideal for workplaces with lots of potential transmission points.

“In FIFO (fly in, fly out) scenarios where workers are sharing spaces, the surface sanitiser is important as the lack of harmful chemicals means that surfaces can be effectively sanitised to ensure workers are safe not just from the transmission of illness, but also from the sanitised surfaces themselves,” Macfie told Safe to Work.

“Workplaces aren’t just dealing with COVID-19; they’re having to deal with all manner of illnesses, which is why ViroCLEAR is effective, as it works to kill so much.

“The ARTG-listed surface disinfectant has shown so far that it is effective in dealing with evolving strains of COVID-19 and we can comfortably expect it to deal with more SARS-based strains going forward.”

Originally developed as a gentle, yet effective hand sanitisation solution for people with sensitive skin, ViroCLEAR in both its hospital grade surface disinfectant and hand sanitiser formats is alcohol- and ethanol-free and kills 99.99 per cent of germs and bacteria.

Beyond supplying the ViroCLEAR range, Aussie Pharma Direct also distributes rapid antigen tests and high quality Australian owned and made P2 face masks.

An important part of Aussie Pharma Direct’s mission is to help businesses stay open during what has been an uncertain and often difficult time. The company does that by supplying high-quality Australian-made health and safety products, which protect workers and help reduce forced downtimes.

Daniel Seldon, managing director of Aussie Pharma Direct, spoke to Safe to Work about the company’s values and the niche it has carved out to help support Australian businesses.

“We’re committed to helping Australian businesses and individuals get through COVID-19 and whatever else comes next,” Seldon said.

“In particular, for the mining industry, ViroCLEAR can help mines stay open and operational by creating a safe work environment where people aren’t getting sick.

“We are proud to supply and support high-quality Australian products, so people and businesses aren’t unnecessarily impacted from using anything inferior.”