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Safety Mate’s holistic approach to protection

Image: Safety Mate

With the Skytec 3030V P2 respirator, Safety Mate is keeping workers protected on and off the worksite.

It’s critical to stay safe in the workplace not only for the preservation of physical health, but also because injury can jeopardise mental health.

Evidence shows that mental illness is now the leading cause of sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in Australia, and the construction industry has long been grappling with high rates of mental health issues and double the risk of suicide compared to other industries.

Safety Mate is tackling this fight on both fronts; keeping workers safe on the job and supporting mental health research to ensure programs and services are available to those who need them.

“Understanding the link between mental health and workplace productivity, we’ve forged a meaningful partnership with Black Dog Institute, a non-for-profit research institute that aims to create better mental health for all,” Safety Mate director Clint Tee told Safe to Work.

“Our ‘Black Dog’ product range is more than just personal protection – it’s a symbol of support and awareness for mental health.

“This initiative ensures that with every purchase of ‘Black Dog’ products, donations are channelled directly towards the Institute, bolstering efforts in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses.”

New to Safety Mate’s ‘Black Dog’ range is the Skytec 3030V respirator.

The 3030V is a P2 graded respirator, meaning it can protect workers against silicosis, harmful welding fumes, and similar respirable hazards.

“The Skytec 3030V provides a full foam face seal, providing unparalleled comfort and fit, making long hours of wear surprisingly comfortable,” Tee said.

“With adjustable head straps, the Skytec 3030V adapts to every face shape, ensuring maximum protection and a perfect fit for anyone.

“This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for diverse work environments and user needs.”

Safety Mate is making a name for itself as not only a supplier of high-quality PPE, but as an advocate for improving mental health to help facilitate safer, healthier, and more productive workplaces, as well as creating better mental health for all Australians.

“Our ‘Black Dog’ range is just another way that Safety Mate is supporting workers both on and off the worksite,” Tee said.

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