Safety, training, production optimisation in heavy industry

A robust training program will not only keep the safety of those conducting tasks, but also other people who may be affected by their work.

According to the WA Mines Department, safety training plays a pivotal role in any risk management strategy. It says this is central to ensuring workers are competent in the tasks they are assigned.

When incidents and downtime are reduced in line with production and safety optimisation, mining companies also obtain profitability gains.

White Dog International (WDI), a registered training organisation (RTO), delivers Australian accredited training to onsite locations globally using its tested methods.

WDI helps mine sites lift safety performance and profitability by identifying areas for improvement and optimisation. This can be achieved through training, consulting and auditing services.

Director Wesley Dobbin said WDI used innovative and tested methods from a collaboration of experience in a multitude of industry sectors, including mining.

“A range of safety and machinery courses are customised to suit different countries and cultures,” Dobbin said.

“This form of accredited training equip mine workers with the necessary skills to perform safely and competently in high-risk work environments. It also targets specific areas of the workforce that need development.”

WDI’s consultation services are also built upon multitude of experience, particularly in developing and reviewing site operating procedures, shutdown planning and management including mill relines.

Its consulting services cover production plant optimisation, operational monitoring tools and compliance.

With extensive safety inspection experience, WDI is qualified to deal with rectification of compliance issues. It provides auditing of safety systems, lock out tag out (LOTO) procedures, site operating procedures and high-risk documentation.

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