Sandvik enhances skills with excavation software

Image: Sandvik

Sandvik has released a new version of its iSURE (intelligent Sandvik underground rock excavation) software to improve operators’ grasp of drilling and blasting.

Designed to be used with Sandvik’s i-series of face drilling rigs, iSURE 8.1 includes advanced metrics and a three-day training program for mining applications.

The training program covers simple and advanced rock excavation activity, while iSURE’s advanced metrics toolset raises user awareness for any problems or challenges that may occur during face drilling.

iSURE also allows for safer and more efficient face drilling production and future project planning.

The previous iteration, iSURE 8.0, added a template-based drill and blast plan generation for rock blasting, tunnel quality and explosives usage.

“The new and existing features found with iSURE 8.1 are designed to improve the entire drill and blast process through data collection,” Sandvik stated.

Rig adjustments or suspected rig misuse can also be identified by iSURE 8.1, which can send notifications to site operators.

iSURE can also record changes in rock mass drilling, drill steel consumption, drill face shape and potential operator deviation from the drilling plan.

It also features counters of a drill rig’s production, drilling performance data and the ability to optimise drill rig behaviour.

iSURE is also bespoke for specific user demands, allowing the software to suit specific underground operating environments.

Sandvik stated it would continue to advance its iSURE software in the future.

“iSURE 8.1 is not the final development of this leading solution from Sandvik,” the company stated.

“New improvements and developments are planned based on further sharing of knowledge and experience with customers and drill and blast professionals globally.”