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DURACoil Series – seven affordable models with cut level C1

Showa Group’s DURACoil Series of gloves delivers safety and comfort for the harshest applications.

The mining and quarrying industry is one of the most important, yet also comes with a dramatically high level of health and safety risks.

Workers in open and underground extraction environments regularly deal with the dangers of heavy loads and equipment, unstable ground conditions, as well as hazardous materials.

Technological advancements and increased regulations have led to improvements in mine safety, however, workers in manual, semi- automatic and even automatic applications still use their hands for a large part of the tasks.

Without glove protection, the only remaining barrier is the skin. Even the toughest skin is still sensitive to the dangers of cold, chemicals, micro-trauma, injury and musculoskeletal disorders, etc., all of which are possible sources of permanent future disability. So choosing the right hand protection is an essential factor in risk prevention.

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