Slice: The only cutting and scraping tools with true safety blades

Slice is the only cutting tool manufacturer to make a true safety blade. Cutting tools are common in the workplace. Unfortunately, most blades (whether ceramic or metal) are dangerously sharp, and metal blades dull quickly. As a result, lacerations and punctures are some of the most common workplace injuries.

Slice blades are made of 100 per cent zirconium oxide, a high-quality advanced ceramic. Slice’s patent-pending blade design is safe to touch: it’s finger-friendly®. So every Slice knife is a safety knife.

Our blades also last longer: they’ve been third-party tested to last up to 11 times longer than steel. This means fewer blades changes. Handling a blade should be done as infrequently as possible, since it’s time consuming, it interrupts work flow, it reduces productivity, and it’s dangerous!



Slice offers a full line of tools, including the following options.

Utility knives

Utility knives are handy for a variety of tasks: cutting cardboard, paper, clamshell packaging, packing tape, pallet wrap, and plastic pallet banding. Slice makes these utility knives:

  • Folding utility knife
  • Manual utility knife
  • Auto-retractable utility knife
  • Smart-retracting utility knife

Are you left handed? Great news: these tools work as well for lefties as for righties. Flip the blade to accommodate your preference.

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Utility scrapers

Slice scrapers feature the same finger-friendly blade edge found on all Slice blades. Use your Slice scraper to remove adhesives, paint, rust, or mildew from flat surfaces or to smooth down decals. Keep in mind that neither metal nor other ceramic blades are manufactured like Slice blades.

There are two Slice scrapers: the manual utility scraper and the auto-retractable utility scraper with SureScrape™. With traditional auto-retractable scrapers, when the blade encounters resistance, it kicks back and the resulting force is absorbed by your thumb. This is painful, annoying, and can lead to injury. The SureScrape system absorbs kickback so your thumb doesn’t have to.




Industrial knives

Sometimes you need an extra-long blade, which is why there is the Slice industrial knife. We offer two models: the manual industrial knife and auto-retractable industrial knife.

Both knives extend to around three inches. This extra cutting depth allows you to safely cut materials like foam and fiberglass insulation. These tools work well as general-use cutters as well. Like the utility knives, these tools work for lefties and righties alike.

Small but mighty cutters

Slice makes smaller general-purpose cutters, but don’t let their size fool you. These little, lightweight tools get big jobs done, while fitting nicely in a pocket or bag. The manual mini cutter and auto-retractable mini cutter fit in the palm of your hand, but fit the same blades as our much beefier box cutters.

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The mouse-shaped safety cutter features Slice’s unique micro-ceramic blade. This tool is so safe, you can take it in your airplane carry-on bag! It’s also incredibly useful for cutting thinner materials: get through packing tape, clamshell packaging, plastic wrap, and paper.

These are excellent go-everywhere tools.

Safety is our priority


In addition to making sure all our tools are effective, durable, and above all safe, Slice promotes workplace safety through its workplace safety blog. Please visit Slice for safety inspiration and education and to learn more about its safety tools.

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