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Smart safety simplified

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Bodytrak is an intelligent safety solution guarding mine workers against heat stress, fatigue and excessive noise. 

When it comes to safety, response time is key. The advent of real-time data has made it easier than ever for employers to keep a finger on the pulse of the status of their people and assets.

The Bodytrak solution takes this ethos and pushes it to its limits. 

“Bodytrak is a smart safety solution designed to monitor the physiological responses of workers in challenging and hazardous environments,” Bodytrak founder and chief executive officer Leon Marsh told Safe to Work. 

The high-tech earpiece measures several physiological markers such as core body temperature, heart rate and physiological strain index to prevent heat stress, fatigue and noise-induced hearing loss. 

The system also features geolocation, geofencing, a user-activated SOS alarm, and fall detection. All of this data is transmitted in real-time to an incident management platform, allowing a site manager to view the live status of their employees. 

“Think of Bodytrak as an employee’s buddy system that provides them with a nudge when they need a break or to remove themselves from a situation to cool down before they become high-risk,” Marsh said.

“The great thing is this is completely based on real-time actionable data of each individual, removing any guess work and replacing one-size-fits-all approaches.”

Bodytrak is helping solve two of the mining industry’s most insidious threats: fatigue and heat stress. 

“Traditional tools like ambient temperature measurements fail to consider differences across individuals, making them less effective for heat stress prevention,” Marsh said.

“Similarly, quantifying fatigue has been challenging, with unreliable methods like questionnaires and blink-measurement cameras.”

It is exactly this gap in safety that Bodytrak was developed to address. 

“Through a wearable earpiece with advanced sensors, we have the ability to provide individualised monitoring where precise data is captured to prevent incidents through real-time alerts,” Marsh said. 

“Our advanced algorithms have been developed by data scientists and physiologists to accurately reflect the health status of users and ensure that both the user and supervisor will receive alerts when configurable thresholds are exceeded.”

Bodytrak streamlines a workplace’s approach to personal protective equipment (PPE), providing a single, comprehensive and integrated safety solution covering a range of hazards. 

“Previously, organisations have had to resort to using different devices and PPE to address each individual hazard, which is inefficient, costly, and onerous for users and supervisors,” Marsh said. “The Bodytrak wearable solution not only prevents incidents related to heat stress, fatigue, and noise exposure, but also offers other important features such as noise metering, geolocation, geofencing and SOS alerts to add another level of protection.”

Bodytrak is providing workplaces with essential data, helping to enhance safety and productivity. 

“The data captured isn’t just numbers. It offers organisations with a clear lens to obtain valuable insights into workplace trends and patterns,” Marsh said.

“The automated reports provide vital information to enhance safety protocols, optimise processes and boost overall productivity.”

Bodytrak is helping solve some of the biggest safety issues in mining with one comprehensive and integrated solution. 

Find out more about Bodytrak on the website.

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