Springvale tragedy not work related

The tragic passing of a mine worker at the Springvale coal mine in New South Wales last month was found to be non work related.

On August 21, the worker was found unconscious in an idling load haul dump machine underground and was unable to be resuscitated.

According to an investigation information release by the New South Wales Resources Regulator, the front wheels of the machine he was in were found lifted off the ground and its rear wheels were spinning.

However, the roadway indicated that it had not contacted the sides of the roadway but became stationary in the middle of the road.

The regulator concluded the investigation, stating that the death was non-work-related.

Mine operators were reminded of the importance of identifying hazards and managing risks to health and safety.

“Mine operators should have effective health assessment programs in place to ensure workers are healthy and fit to work at mining operations and in mine environments,” the regulator stated.

“Regular medical examinations should be undertaken by qualified medical practitioners.”

The Springvale mine is jointly owned by SK Kores Australia and Centennial Coal in equal shares.

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