Strata releases MC2 emergency tracking device

Strata Worldwide has released a communication and tracking device as the latest StrataConnect miner communicator.

The device called MC2 operates on the underground StrataConnect wireless mesh network, formally known as Strata CommTrac.

Specifically designed for harsh environments in the mining and tunnelling industries, the Strata MC2 functions as a two-way text communications with real-time personnel location tracking.

The capabilities of the wireless tracking system include isolating the location of an individual or equipment tied to the device and identifying it via a digital mine map on the surface.

It requires minimal maintenance and can operate as a standalone system or be integrated into a mine’s pre-existing hardwired network.

In this sense, MC2’s battery-powered system makes for a practical option, while also considering its fundamental safety measures.

Alongside the practicality of enabling continuous communication as underground miners work, it boasts a Find Miner function, which acts as a tracking device.

StrataConnect’s rechargeable battery lasts through multiple shifts, enabling both miners and mine personnel to continue tracking one another in a case of emergency.

The MC2 provides critical alerts and response capabilities for workers in the event of an emergency.

Its physical redesign and enhancements are an addition to its wireless communications system’s user-friendly model.

Strata’s efforts to simplify usability and expand the device’s functionality are a step towards integrating the comprehensible model of smartphones.

With a hard-button QWERTY keyboard and a large display screen with multiple character sizes, the device boasts features such as one-on-one or group text messaging and the ability to access an automatically updated contact list.

The MC2 works as a wireless monitoring system to increase the survivability of the working environment of miners.

This operating system represents the evolution of technological advancements in ensuring mine workers’ safety.

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