Stronger straps for safer solutions


“The most common mistake made in transporting hay is that most miss checking the condition of the ratchet straps before securing their load. Ratchet ties are a consumable product. It is vitally important to regularly check the condition of your straps and replace them if any wear or damage is present. Safety should never be compromised by trying to prolong a strap’s life,” cautions Dave Malthouse, CBC’s National Product Manager for Lifting and Rigging.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of hay are carted across Australian transit networks. Trucks and trailers move at high velocities under overpasses and across highways and bridges. Although straps may seem like a simple, dollar value item, regularly replacing the straps on a rigging operation is paramount to the safety of other drivers and passers-by.

Ratchet straps consist of a polyester woven webbed strap with a ratchet handle for tightening and releasing the straps. 

According to Work Safe Queensland1 incorrect usage of tensioners such as webbed hand ratchets have caused severe injuries from accidents and falls. For this reason, performance standards for strap products must be met to prevent truckloads of hay from separating from the truck during transit, shifting, or causing the truck to become unstable.

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