Suicide prevention receives budget lift in NSW

The New South Wales Government has committed $90 million toward zero suicides by 2023 – a massive spike from its $8 million funding across four years in 2016.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 880 individuals ended their lives in NSW in 2017.

The government has allocated $10 million – the highest proportion of this funding – to the creation of new and immediate support for people with suicidal ideation, providing alternatives to emergency department.

A sum of $8.5 million will go into expanding intensive care for people with severe mental illness via outreach team.

The funding will also contribute to reducing suicide attempts by people in care, with $4.25 million invested in this area.

Aftercare services, community-resilience building and rural mental health program are also included in the NSW Government budget.

Until 2023, activity in each of these initiatives are guided by a strategic framework, which was developed in collaboration with experts, mental health organisations and people with lived experience of a suicide attempt or bereavement.

The full framework can be found here.

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