dust suppression


  • ESS helps miners keep their dust down

    Airborne dust poses health, safety and environmental risks. Engineering Services & Supplies’ (ESS) range of dust suppression sprays, sealing and belt support systems and chute design provides a customised solution to reduce its clients’ dust problems.

    March 18, 2021 0 comment

  • LSM sets OH&S standards in cabin dust exposure

    LSM managing director Peter Woodford explains how the company is helping miners breathe easier, providing operator comfort and ensuring their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system lasts longer with cabin filtration and pressuriser technologies.

    January 20, 2021 0 comment

  • Lyons leads the way in ISO cabin standards

    Airborne dust particles can cause short-term impact on mining productivity and long-term impacts on workers’ health. Lyons Airconditioning Services discusses how it combines its Australian knowledge with Sy-Klone’s global reach to lead the way in dust control.

    November 11, 2020 0 comment

  • Managing cabin dust: New standard outlines steps to improve health

    With International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 23875 expected to be published in early 2021, Safe to Work provides a first look at the new standard with insight from the ISO working group chairperson Jeff Moredock.

    November 9, 2020 0 comment

  • Super-activate water tackles finest dust particles

    Global Road Technology has pioneered a dust suppression chemistry that is effective against coal dust in longwall and continuous miner operations.

    November 9, 2020 0 comment

  • Miners act on unacceptable dust exposures

    While the focus for many has been on the reduction of dust exposure limits across Australia, experts from Australia’s leading professional association for occupational hygienists challenge the mining sector to shift its attention to the effectiveness of dust controls implemented in the workplace.

    November 2, 2020 0 comment

  • Dust control on haul roads: Using water vs binder treatment

    This explainer video takes a look at the risks associated with relying on water alone to suppress dust on haul roads and the benefits of using a road management system instead

    October 21, 2020 0 comment

  • An economic perspective of dust suppression technology

    Global Road Technology has produced what it calls the most cost-efficient dust suppression product for mine haul roads. Safe to Work takes a look at the technology – the GRT: Haul-Loc.

    September 17, 2020 0 comment

  • Sweeping Dust-A-Side from pit to port

    The mining industry is working hard to meet ever tightening standards on dust suppression, which can be a problem across mine sites from processing plants to haul roads. Dust-A-Side discusses its range of dust suppression solutions for all areas of the mine site.

    September 17, 2020 0 comment

  • The road to autonomous mining

    The journey towards autonomous mining calls for changes to the standards for haul road operations. Safe to Work speaks with Position Partners, Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) Solutions and Proof Engineers to untangle the issues facing mining companies.

    August 20, 2020 0 comment

  • A dust control solution that does more than its name

    RainStorm Dust Control, which has a long track record of being on top of mine dust issues, is expanding into Queensland and New South Wales to assist the mining sector. Safe to Work speaks with RainStorm’s eastern states representative.

    July 9, 2020 0 comment

  • Hummingbird Electronics cabin pressure monitors keep vehicle cabin air clear

    Mining can be a dangerous profession, whether you’re operating above ground in open cut conditions or deep underground, it’s the smaller risks that can sometimes be the major health hazards.

    April 2, 2020 0 comment

  • TBC introduces new dust suppression block

    TBC Distribution is launching a new dust suppression solution set to revolutionise the mining industry.

    September 6, 2019 0 comment

  • Safe Work to halve exposure limits for respirable dust

    Safe Work Australia is expected to recommend that the regulated occupational exposure limits for respirable dust be slashed.

    May 13, 2019 0 comment

  • The key to dust management success

    Dust management is an essential component of effective mine site maintenance. Safe to Work talks to ESS training instructor Tom Stahura to find out how it can be kept under control.

    March 11, 2019 0 comment