TBC introduces new dust suppression block

TBC Distribution is launching a new dust suppression solution set to revolutionise the mining industry.

Details of the new product being manufactured under its own brand name are being kept under wraps until the official launch on Thursday 10 October with an educational seminar at The Fraternity Club in Fairy Meadow, New South Wales.

The new product is a highly concentrated solid block used as an additive to water for the suppression of dust. Designed for the mining industry, it can be applied using existing site water trucks, tankers or sprinklers, as well as injected into water supply lines.

Benefits of the new product include:

  • Reduce production costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Save water
  • More effective than water alone
  • Improve worker safety
  • Meet regulatory obligations
  • Remove IBC problems
  • Biodegradable
  • Australian made

The new product has been independently trialled at both the Dendrobium and Appin mine sites in New South Wales for the past eight months and has proved to be more effective than other products on the market as well as a hit with workers thanks to the lightweight design.

The product is also undergoing trials at Cadia mine in Orange, and several mine sites located in Central Queensland.

Those interested in attending the launch on Thursday 10 October at 1.30pm should register before Friday 20 September by visiting http://bit.ly/TBCLaunch. If you are unable to attend, you can request an information pack to be sent post launch.

Case Study

Field results have proved double the ground coverage compared to liquid alternatives.


Dendrobium Coal is an underground black coal mine located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. It is owned by South32 and produces coal 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Production times were lengthy due to the amount of setup work required – pump cart/sprayer, forklift to transport three heavy 1,000 litre IBCs, plus a trailer to tow them. This meant only approximately two kilometres of ground would be sprayed during a 12 hour shift. The lengthy production times resulted in an increase to production costs.


A new dust suppression product was manufactured in a lightweight, easy to handle block of 600 grams with a carton weight of nine kilograms (15 blocks per carton). It is highly concentrated and easy to dispense with only two blocks per 1,000 litres of water required.


The changeover resulted in a significant increase to productivity and thus decrease in production costs. Using the new dust suppression product only a sprayer is required on the front of the load-haul-dump truck (LHD), which allows the crew to get to work quicker and spray for a full 12 hour shift. This has meant double the distance is covered in the same amount of time, approximately four kilometres. A forklift or trailer is no longer required as the lightweight nine kilogram carton can be easily carried.

The product itself is also more effective as it soaks into the road, rather than sitting on top of it, and captures more dust.


“The product is working very well at our site and is definitely more productive. The amount of setup work required is less, which has meant we can spray for a full 12 hour shift and cover double the amount of ground. This has resulted in production cost savings. The product itself is also soaking into the road, rather than sitting on top of the road like a crust as some opposition products do, which has meant fewer spray treatments are required.”

– Dendrobium mine – Illawarra Coal outbye superintendent Mat Reh

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